moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?

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moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?

I have red hair and a strong family blood line that includes Ukrainian traits. Because of this, I have both freckles and moles scattered across my body. There are times that I find a mole that looks a little weird or a freckle that seems to have changed color since I last looked. Did you know that sometimes, moles are more than just moles and freckles are more than just freckles? The truth is, when these things change colors or shapes, it could be a sign that there is a more serious problem somewhere. Go to my site to find out what I have learned to watch for to prevent serious health problems in the future.


Hands Or Feet Dry And Cracking? What You Should Do

In the colder months, it may be much more dry in your home and outside, and with this lack of moisture, you could have dry and cracking hands or feet. If your hands and feet are dry and cracking, it can be very painful. It can make it difficult to wash your hands or do daily activities, and it could also be painful for you to even walk with cracked feet. To help your hands and feet and to heal your skin in these areas, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful tips.

Moisturize After Washing

After you shower or after you wash your hands, you need to apply a thick moisturizer. You need one that is a thicker cream, not too watery, that will stick to the skin and stay there to help moisturize and heal the skin. Look for something that is made for extra dry skin. Apply liberally to your hands or your feet to help them heal.

Sleep In Socks And Gloves

Apply moisturizer to your hands and your feet before you go to bed at night and wear socks on your feet and gloves on your hands. You can find gloves and socks that are made to help heal dry skin and to soothe dry and cracked skin. Look at your local beauty supply store or some big box stores may also sell them. They help to hold in moisture and will speed up the healing process. Continue this routine nightly until your hands and feet have healed.

Use A Humidifier

If your home is lacking humidity, it can be what is causing this extra dry skin. You may have also noticed dryness elsewhere on your body, such as your scalp or lips, or your hair may be falling out or breaking. Use a humidifier in your home to help add moisture to the air. Your body needs humidity and moisture, so add some to the air in any room that you are in. You can find portable humidifiers at your local big box store. Drinking more water can also help with these things, so be sure you are drinking plenty of water each day to add moisture to your skin.

If your hands and feet are dry and cracking, it can be very painful. Talk to your dermatologist about other things you can do to heal these areas and to prevent it from happening to you again.

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