moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?

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moles and freckles - when can they cause health risks?

I have red hair and a strong family blood line that includes Ukrainian traits. Because of this, I have both freckles and moles scattered across my body. There are times that I find a mole that looks a little weird or a freckle that seems to have changed color since I last looked. Did you know that sometimes, moles are more than just moles and freckles are more than just freckles? The truth is, when these things change colors or shapes, it could be a sign that there is a more serious problem somewhere. Go to my site to find out what I have learned to watch for to prevent serious health problems in the future.


3 Things To Keep In Mind When Going In For Acne Treatment Services

Going into the dermatologist when you have issues with your acne can be incredibly beneficial. Not only do they have the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose the type of acne that you have, but they also have the equipment and medicine necessary to help you to reduce your skin issues or make them go away altogether. This article will discuss 3 things to keep in mind when going in for acne treatment services. 

Don't Expect Immediate Results

While you may see before and after pictures that lead you to believe that the results happen instantly, this simply isn't the case. You can, in fact, have amazing results from the acne treatment the dermatologist prescribes to you, but you are going to need to be patient. It is going to take time for your skin to change and also to heal from all of the different treatments that it is receiving. However, if you remain patient, the results of going into the dermatologist will be well worth it for you. 

Realize That One Treatment Does Not Fit All

You may have heard from someone about an amazing acne medication that they are using that is working wonders for them. While this is amazing and may lead you to believe that it will work just as well for you, this may not be the case. Different types of acne needs to be treated with different treatments. For example, someone with deep, painful bumps under their skin may benefit the most from a serious of steroids injected into their skin. On the other hand, if you have problems with redness and swelling due to your acne, then you may benefit the most from light therapy that can kill the bacteria causing this. 

Be Sure To Follow Up With What You Were Told

While going in and receiving the initial diagnosis and treatment for your acne condition is incredibly important, it is also very important that you follow up with what the dermatologist tells you to do. You need to use the medications as often as prescribed and in the ways that you were told. Also be sure to avoid things like sun, makeup, heat, etc. if this is what the dermatologist has recommended for you. If you do these things, you are much more likely to receive the desired results from you acne treatment at a faster rate because you are properly caring for your skin.